Hemp Recipes

Gourmet Hemp Recipes Created By Our Hemp Chef
Energizing Hemp Protein Plum Porridge!By aushempStart your day with this deliciously decadent hemp protein and plum porridge, just the perfect winter warming start to your day! Have a great weekend, The Hemp Chef, Adam
Crunchy Hemp Heart GranolaBy aushempDelicious granola mix on the weekend and all the family love it!! A nutritious way to kick-start the day and give you long lasting fuel. Enjoy! Made by HempFarm's Hemp Chef, Adam
Fay’s Breakfast Porridge with Hemp HeartsBy aushempIntroducing Fay, our fabulous new HempFarm team member. Fay is not only a whizz at accounts but she is also a passionate photographer. She loves an early morning run and a deliciously healthy breakfast. Check out her yummy hemp porridge recipe

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