Hemp Recipes

Gourmet Hemp Recipes Created By Our Hemp Chef
Carrot Cake with Hemp HeartsBy aushempCarrot Cake with Hemp Hearts. Sometimes you just want to make your go-to sweet treats that little bit healthier and more nutritious.
Hemp Hearts and Mixed Seed CrackersBy aushempHome-made crackers – quick, easy, versatile and waste-free. Using HempFarm® hemp hearts makes these extra nutritious and yummy.
Chocolate Hemp Fudge RecipeBy aushempSweet treats at work today made using a recipe from Julie Le Clerc, Food Editor NZ House & Garden.
Hemp Lavosh CrackersBy aushempLavosh is a soft, thin unleavened flatbread made in a tandoor and eaten all over the South Caucasus, Western Asia and the areas surrounding the Caspian Sea. Today our Hemp Chef, Adam Dickson will add a little twist to the Lavosh by using Hemp products. aushempPolenta chips are the best guilt-free snack especially when baked in the oven instead of deep fried. They are a perfect alternative to potato chips and are wonderfully tasty with a crispy outside and fluffy inside. Our Hemp Chef, Adam Dickson will add a little twist to this favorite snack by using Hemp products.
Hemp Bread with Gluten free OptionBy aushempWhite loaf with hemp hearts or the gluten-free version with hemp hearts and protein. If you are into baking your own bread – you will love that you can add some extra nutrition with our hemp seed and protein to your daily bread. We have gluten-free and white flour version for you and we’d love to know how you enjoyed this! Have a great weekend, The Hemp Chef, Adam
ANZAC Hemp BiscuitsBy aushempThere are conflicting stories told as to why Anzac biscuits became so popular. One such story tells that biscuits were sent by wives and women’s groups to soldiers abroad because the ingredients didn’t spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation. Another story was that they where produced and eaten by Australians and Kiwis at home, in order to raise funds for the war. There is however evidence that suggests that indeed soldiers were sent homemade biscuits during World War I and the history points to the Anzac biscuit recipe. Both stories are precious and important to remember those difficult times. We are sure that many people enjoy these delicious treats still today and our Hemp Chef has created these delicious historical treats for you to try, ANZAC Hemp biscuits with a hemp twist … Enjoy! Recipe – Hemp Chef, Adam
Easter Hemp Cross BunsBy aushempEaster is just around the corner and hot cross buns may be hard to find!! Do not despair, this yummy home baking is easy and delicious!! It is so very therapeutic filling the house with the delicious aroma of classic hot cross buns. Adding nutritious hemp protein powder and hemp hearts, make these buns a yummy treat. Enjoy! Hemp Chef, Adam

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