Hemp Recipes

Gourmet Hemp Recipes Created By Our Hemp Chef
The Green Hemp Goddess SmoothieBy aushempIt’s the time of the year when your body and immune system need that extra support. Fresh and seasonal produce is not so easily available, but you can dig into the frozen goods of the supermarket. Together with our super nutritious and delicious hemp protein this recipe is the perfect remedy for the darker winter months. Enjoy this as much as we do! The Hemp Chef, Adam
Some Like it Hempberry SmoothieBy aushempIf a green smoothie is not so much your thing – this creamy hemp and berry smoothie surely will be. Combining the power of the the hemp protein with the creaminess of the hemp hearts and the flavour of the berries … you can’t get it any better! Enjoy as a breakfast smoothie or an afternoon pick-me-up! The Hemp Chef, Adam
Hemp HummusBy aushempAn absolute crowd favourite at the recent Auckland Food Show. This hemp hummus is made extra delicious by incorporating our very own twist on tahini, ‘hempini” Impress friends and family, with this yummy addition to every fresh and healthy meal. Enjoy! The Hemp Chef, Adam
Green Hemp Heart Bao BunsBy aushempYou can steam these buns easy with a ThermoMix or steam them in a bamboo steamer. A fun meal for the family and especially the kids will love it. Hemp Chef, Adam
ANZAC Hemp BiscuitsBy aushempThere are conflicting stories told as to why Anzac biscuits became so popular. One such story tells that biscuits were sent by wives and women’s groups to soldiers abroad because the ingredients didn’t spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation. Another story was that they where produced and eaten by Australians and Kiwis at home, in order to raise funds for the war. There is however evidence that suggests that indeed soldiers were sent homemade biscuits during World War I and the history points to the Anzac biscuit recipe. Both stories are precious and important to remember those difficult times. We are sure that many people enjoy these delicious treats still today and our Hemp Chef has created these delicious historical treats for you to try, ANZAC Hemp biscuits with a hemp twist … Enjoy! Recipe – Hemp Chef, Adam
Hemp Chicken BitesBy aushempHemp Chicken Bites when you are looking for options to make your favourite dishes more nutritious and better! This is a family favourite – chicken bites or nibbles coated with succulent flavours and the added goodness of hemp hearts and hemp seed protein powder. Not only does the hemp protein add flavour and texture it helps to coat the chicken nice and thick. Serve with a fresh Asian flavoured slaw and you’ll have a wholesome dinner that the whole family will love. … Enjoy! Recipe – Hemp Chef, Adam
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