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HempFarm began with a handful of seeds, and a very big dream. A dream to build a vibrant hemp industry in New Zealand.
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Hemp To Enable Industry With Sustainable Solutions.

HempFarm began with a handful of seeds, and a very big dream. A dream to build a vibrant hemp industry in New Zealand. Growing hemp can boost the economy and revolutionize life for everyone in New Zealand and the world.

HempFarm is exciting the taste buds of the New Zealand food world.  

HempFarm has had a bountiful 2020 season, with 1,300ha of hemp crops grown and harvested, bringing the freshest hemp seed products to table.


Hemp seeds are cleaned, dried and delivered to HempFarm’s food facility, where they are gently cold pressed to produce the finest, nutritious and delicious virgin hemp seed oil. HempFarm’s cold pressed hemp seed oil is available under their Kiwi Hemp range. A deliciously nutty drizzling oil, which adds a unique and refined taste to many dishes.

Loyal customers have been enjoying the taste and health benefits of hemp seed oil for a long time. Celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Adam William Dickson and & Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are among many who are enjoying the uniquely fresh, nutty flavour of not only the oil but also hemp hulled-seeds and protein powder, by adding them to their recipes and menus.  

Hemp is fast becoming a standard ingredient for many products including bread, cookies, dressings and even burgers on supermarket shelves throughout the country.

Hemp Foods

HempFarm is also excited to have launched a creamy oat and hemp milk, “Hemptation”. A milk which is perfect for baristas as it won’t split in a frothy coffee or latte. This delicious milk can be used in cereals and recipes just like any other plant-based milk.

Hemp foods in general are used in kitchens around the world as they provide delicious, nutritious, and versatile additions to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Hemp has a creamy nutty taste similar to pine nuts and can be used in many ways, such as in butter, milk, sauces, artisan breads, chocolate, pasta and cereals.

For more information on our products please visit: my.hempfarm.co.nz

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A pristine environment that supports health and well-being of all life.

HempFarm has been growing since 2008, founded with a massive vision to grow and process hemp to clean up the environment and to supply sustainable solutions to petrochemicals.   From the 1,300ha crop grown this season (2020),  around 24,000 tonnes of carbon has been sucked out of the atmosphere.


HempFarm’s growth extends to not only their food processing facility but also to the installation of their high-tech fibre processing line for hemp bales.  This facility will produce fibre and hurd which will be on processed into non-woven matting for road ways, wool/hemp yarns for carpets, eco matting, plastics, building materials and more.  This is an exciting time for Hemp and the future.

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